Professor Rai heading the new SODEC executive committee

The seventh annual general meeting (AGM) of Development Communication Society (SODEC) Nepal was successfully held on 22nd October 2016, at the office premises of the organization. During the AGM, a seven member executive committee was appointed to be led by Professor Lal Deusa Rai as Chairperson. The other members of the team consist of Mr Ballav Mani Dahal as Vice-chairperson, Ms Chandra Kumari Rimal as Secretary and Tirtha Ghimire as Treasurer of the executive board. Likewise, Ms Labli Subedi, Mr Prakash Giri and Mr Santosh Kumar Subedi were appointed as executive members.

Professor Rai, who is accredited as being the pioneer of media education in Nepal as well as a senior media practitioner, said during the meeting that development communication has not been able to flourish in Nepal as much as it needs to. “With the help of the strong team in the organization, I would like to work towards collection of bibliography in development communication for advancement in academia and research,” said Professor Rai during his short speech.

Echoing with Professor Rai, Dr Pius Raj Mishra, development communications expert and former chairperson of SODEC-Nepal expressed that there needs to be a big leap in Nepal in regard to development communication. “Although SODEC-Nepal is moving ahead in bridging such gaps, there is immense opportunity SODEC-Nepal can grasp as we have diverse work-force in our team,” he said.

There was an enthusiastic attendance from the members of the organization. The tenure for the newly formed board is for two-years according to the institutional constitution.