About Us

Development Communication Society, Nepal (SODEC-Nepal) was founded by a group of mass communication professionals with the goal to exercise the influence of communications media for better access to information, education and knowledge and act as a stimulant for development. The premise for SODEC-Nepal’s involvement in development communication is based on the concept of multiplicity; democratization and participation at all levels by stressing the cultural and political identities of the local communities.

With strong assertion that “one is no longer attempting to create a need for the information one is disseminating, but one is rather disseminating information for which there is a need”, SODEC-Nepal produces and disseminates media that promotes good governance and accountability through the encouragement of citizen voices in media. In order to foster the process of empowering in grass roots level, SODEC-Nepal collaborates and works closely with media organizations, civil society organizations (CSOs), universities, UN agencies, embassies, and the Government of Nepal.

Dedicated and experienced professionals of the organization have visited almost 65 districts of Nepal and nearly nine international countries for the preparation of reports and other materials required to prepare report and profile for the various assignments. Our team has intensive field experiences to internalize ground realities of poorest of the poor, development effects, negative impact of lack of development and so on.

SODEC-Nepal mainly produces and broadcasts media contents for Radio and Television and is attempting to venture into cross-media platform to engage diverse development partners.